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Keeping our clientele informed is a priority at COINSPlus!!!
In these times of the great uncertainty in the political and financial world, there are more companies than ever soliciting your investment dollars. As a consumer, it is important to understand that many apparently "reputable" investment-marketing organizations have a very different business model from COINSPlus. With sales campaigns driven by commissioned sale people, these outfits significantly overprice the materials that they sell. In order for the sales representative to make money, the MARKETEERS MUST OVERCHARGE THEIR CLIENTS! They put excessive profits and personal financial gain far above any concern for the investors best interests: In many cases charging 30%-400% over market value for the items they sell.  As a result of the many unscrupulous activities we are seeing in the market place, we feel it is imperative to expose as many of these scams as we can.


Many companies produce beautiful brochures, take out full-page ads in newspapers and magazines, hire celebrity spokespeople for televison and radio commercials, or conduct brilliant telemarketing campaigns. None of these activities equate to a guarantee of legitimacy or fair dealing with their customers! Many outfits try to make a killing in their first transaction with a new client, and if they can keep on ripping the person off they do so. If the victim learns better and refuses to get taken any more then the company moves on to new clients!

COINSPlus has a different business philosophy: We treat our customers as we would like to be treated! We want you to be able to make logical and informed decisions regarding your finances, and try to offer our clients the knowledge, experience, and data they need to make the best choices for themselves.

Whether investing in gold and silver, assembling a quality coin collection, liquidating a jumbled hoard of "old coins," or taking advantage of our high buy prices for scrap gold jewelry, you will receive the best prices and service possible at COINSPlus!!! 



Gold prices are at all-time highs! It's hard to go anywhere these days without being solictited by what seem like hundreds of companies trying to convince you to sell them your scrap gold jewelry. "Free Shipping Kits" are offered so you can send your valuables accross the country to people you will never meet! Bands of travelling "Antiques Roadshow"-style buying companies travel around the country on a circuit, regularly changing their names, placing full-page buying ads in local newspapers with "Sample Buy Prices" and setting up temporary shop in hotels. Likewise many jewelry stores and pawn shops are aggresively advertising to buy old gold and silver from your jewelry box. The problem is that many companies that offer cash for scrap gold pay only a fraction of its value! Many times our buying offers are multples of the prices offered by others. COINSPlus has been the highest-paying buyer of scrap gold in the Inland Northwest for years. Unlike our competitors our goal is to make a small 5-15% profit many times-as opposed to the 100-600% margins they try to extract from their customers. We buy large volumes of gold, silver, coins, collections, scrap gold and silver, and currency every day! Because our philosophy is to operate in large volume with small margins we are able to provide the most competitive pricing in the Northwest for both sellers and buyers!!! When people shop around to get the best price for their old jewelry, dental gold, sterling silver, or coins they always come back to COINSPlus. WE SIMPLY PAY THE MOST!

Many companies have begun deceptively publishing "Sell" prices on certain bullion products that are several percentage points below wholesale dealer's cost
. The products are being offered at prices significantly lower than legitimate dealers "Bid" or offer to PAY for the items on national secured dealer networks. These marketing companies' websites offer wonderful graphics & ticker tapes running across their websites. When you call them you are told "Sure, yeah, great, you bet," but nothing is guaranteed until you wire them the money. After wiring the money everything changes. The salesman tells you the precious metals are unavailable or the market has changed. After receiving your payment, it is the sales rep's job to sell you coins with much higher premiums to generate commissions for the company & salesperson. In many cases, the salesman will actually have money deducted from his paycheck if he allows you to purchase the bullion coins at the advertised prices. They may accept a split of "rarities" & bullion but, without purchasing a large enough quantity of their high profit items to offset their loss on the bullion, it is virtually impossible to purchase the bullion at the prices advertised.

The "bait & switch pricing" practice started in force during 2008 when one well-known commission driven marketing company, often heard on the radio, realized that the internet had become a medium of information that was working against them. To keep generating customers for their "account executives" to mislead & overcharge, and rather than adapting their business and lowering prices to adapt to the information age, this company chose to extend their dishonesty even more through the online advertisement of  bullion prices which they never intended to honor. The laws that apply to "truth in advertising" in print do not apply to online pricing. In a very short period of time, the majority of commission driven organizations followed suit and now the web is now hosting a multitude of "bait & switch" advertisers.

At COINSPlus, what you see is what you get. When we quote a price, whether buying or selling, it is for immediate delivery of in-hand material. Items sold out of in-transit inventory (product that is being shipped from depositories or mints to our location) are available to pick up within 1-2 weeks maximum in most cases.

Luckily, there are less of these companies than there are of the "Bait & Switch Pricers." One such company was recently sued by the Attorney General of their home state for non-delivery of material sold to their clients. This business regularly took 3-12 months or longer to ship bullion products to its clients who had purchased from them online or over the phone.  Another well known radio host & travelling seminar speaker in the Christian circle is notorious for failure to deliver and then becoming hostile, rude and angry when questioned by investors.

In many other cases, there have been federal authorities involved but, unfortunately, excessive legal pressure can lead to insolvency & bankruptcy. These companies offer "below market pricing" & then do not deliver the product without months and months and sometimes years of pressure often leading to correspondence through the State Attorney General or a private attorneys. These are ponzi schemes designed to keep an insolvent business afloat. 

We know of countless circumstances where customers have been waiting well beyond a year for "bargain priced" silver products claiming to be sold as much as $1/ounce below fair market value. I have a close personal friend who took the bait of "bargain priced" silver. It has currently been almost a year since he sent $50,000 for silver to this minting company, and he states he has still not received any product! The customer service representatives offer up a silver platter of wonderful excuses and they are quick to throw around grandiose numbers of how many hundreds of thousands of ounces they sell per day and on and on ad nauseaum. All our friend wants is his silver in-hand, but he is one of hundreds of people in the same situation. I guess we're looking at "bait & switch" pricing followed by "failure to deliver product". As a consumer, Please use your common sense and ask other dealers for a reference. Dealers reputations are not a secret. You will have plenty of time for remorse if you let greed be your guide. IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!!! In Precious Metals, there are no free lunches. One such company is using consumers investment money to support a failing division of their company. They only deliver product to extremely "high pressure" customers with legal counsel many months after more payments have been made to them. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul.  FAILURE TO DELIVER is a clear sign that you are dealing with a ponzi scheme and an insolvent company. Sooner or later, the house of cards will fall. Remember Madoff.

Many "commissioned employee" or "account executive"-based companies will do their best to convince you to purchase exotic numismatic rarities or high-priced collectible coins. Many people call these outfits because they see advertisements for Bullion Coins in, for example, sporting magazines-this leads to a classic Bait & Switch! Instead of low-premium precious metals, the potential client is pressed to purchase exotic and esoteric "ultra-rarities" at exorbitant prices.

An example of such an exotic coin might be a (truly nice and rare) Mint State Carson-City $20 Gold piece from the 1870's...High-pressure salesman often try to sell at  more than 250% of a "fair retail" price! Instead of, for example, asking $18,000 for a coin that usually trades for ~$17,000, these companies might quote to sell @ $59,995! Offered as a solution to The Gold Confiscation of 1933, the coins being sold are NOT necessarily the problem here. The problem is the prices these companies charge.

At a fair price, many coins can be fun to own even if they are not neccesarily high-performing investments. IF PURCHASED AT TRIPLE MARKET VALUE NOTHING IS FUN TO INVEST IN!

Antique Gold and Silver US Mint SEMI-NUMISMATIC coins, such as pre-1936 Silver Dollars or $20 & $10 Gold Coins, which are closely tied to the precious metals market are good investment vehicles. Semi-Numismatic Coins, which have a large percentage of their value based on their intrinsic metal, have exceptional upside potential. Exotic Rarities posted exceptional gains between 2001-2007, but they are truly luxury items: Beautiful, rare and fun to look at or read about, but hard to sell in a downward trending economy or to use in a barter economy. 

In addition to the poor performance outlook for these ultra rarities, it is a well known industry fact that these commission-based employees will shamelessly and intentionally charge their clients 40-500% over market. This means that only a fraction of your investment dollars will go towards wealth and capital preservation. The rest of these investment dollars will end up going to the bottom line of the company and to the paychecks of their account executives. Please educate yourself.

If you are being sold something you do not understand, please call COINSPlus for comparative pricing or an honest alternative view. We will tell you the straight truth. Our goal and commitment to you is to always offer the most sound, consistent, accurate and honest guidance available anywhere. Our staff is NOT on commision! We will not sell you items based on our profit margins, but instead our desire is to MAXIMIZE your investment dollars - now and in the future!

If you own Exotic Numismatic rarities, Now Is The Time To Sell These Coins. A Flailing Economy Will Result In The Ultimate Collapse Of Exotic Numismatic rarities. To Sell Or Trade Your Exotic rarities Towards Precious Metals Or Semi-Numismatic Coins, Give COINSPlus A Call At 509-444-0044 OR Toll Free 1-877-TAP-COINS.

Cumulative information is pointing to the fact that the World Central Banks are artificially lowering the commodities prices through the use of manipulation via naked (un-covered) short futures contracts. The futures market is a reckless form of gambling and manipulation where big money players can sell something that they do not own at a future date. The SEC has made "naked shorts" illegal in the equities markets, but happily allow these in the commodities markets.  The entire paper establishment is fundamentally opposed to precious metals as they lose control when investors leave the "paper radar screen". These Central Banks have been able to artificially create the illusion of a massive sell off without producing any metal whatsoever. In fact, there are no audits or proof that the metal even exists in their possession. As a result, the market has experienced unprecedented downward manipulation with the greatest precious metals shortage in human history. This is making the premiums on physical metal increase rapidly and we are now seeing a dichotomy between the paper futures (Spot) market and the real physical markets. I.E. Nearly all bullion products are trading at significant premiums over spot price.  As mentioned above, there are a number of companies quoting prices well below the wholesale dealer to dealer price levels to generate deposits for account executives to "convert" to high profit rare coin investments.  COINSPlus will never intentionally engage in any form of deceptive business practices f we don't own it or can't aquire it at the time of your purchase, we will not sell it. We do not gamble or float with our customers money. PLEASE BE WISE & CAUTIOUS!!!