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Near-Record Demand Drives Silver Prices Higher

Dec 1st 2010 10:40AM     by Connie Madon...

Look for the silver lining. Silver is catching the imagination of investors across the country. Investors who want a piece of the precious metals boom are buying silver in droves.

Why silver? Why now? Gold has moved sharply higher this year and is out of reach of many investors. Silver, on the other hand, is relatively cheap at about $27 per ounce. For a small premium over bullion, you can buy a Silver Eagle coin. Coin sales are up 22% over last year and up 30% over 2007, as reported by

Silver is also an industrial metal. Demand for silver by industrial users is up 18%.

If you are looking for a holiday gift, a silver coin might be just the right touch. You can buy silver coins directly from [CoinsPlus] the U.S. Mint or from registered dealers. The U.S. Mint has a list of registered dealers. A registered dealer can buy in bulk from the Mint an resell the coins at retail. Coins purchased from the Mint are usually non-circulated and cost more that the bulk coins that dealers often sell.

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