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Most Popular Silver Products - Silver 1-ozt .999-Fine Rounds

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Silver Rounds contain one Troy Ounce (31.1 grams) of pure Silver, generally refined to a fineness of at least 99.9%. Silver Rounds are technically "medallions" because they DO NOT have a face value/denomination, such as "ONE DOLLAR". They have been manufactured for decades by many different refineries and private custom-minting facilities. Rounds are available in a very wide range of designs, but all will state that they contain "One Ounce" or "One Troy Oz" or "1-ozt" or "31.1 Grams" of "Fine Silver," or ".999 Pure Silver" somewhere on the coin.

This terminology is synonymous: "One Ounce Fine Silver" is equivilant to "31.1 Grams .999 Fine Silver" and "1 oz Pure Silver" for example.

Many countries have pure silver 1-ounce bullion coins, each with a unique design. Because such items have a face value, such as "FIVE DOLLARS" or "TWO POUNDS" they are classified as true coins. These include the US American Silver Eagle $1, Canadian $5 Silver Maple Leaf, British 2-Pound Brittania, and Australian $1 Kookaburras.

Silver Rounds are typically in "new" or uncirculated condition. Occasionally Silver bullion may tarnish due to reactions with the atmosphere, but this discoloration has no impact on the value of the item.

Collecting Silver Rounds can be a very pleasurable activity, not only for the beauty and variety of the hundreds of designs, but also for the knowledge that one is providing for ones future by collecting a liquid and tradable form of Silver.

*Due to market volatility, these values are estimates only and subject to change based on spot and premium fluctuations.*

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