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Updated Basis
Obverse Design
Liberty advancing with Freedom Torch & Olive Branch
37 grams
Obverse Design: Lady Liberty holding the Torch of Freedom and an olive branch with the United States Capitol in the background

Reverse Design: A Bald Eagle flying over the sun

Edge: Lettered with 'E Pluribus Unum' and stars

At the turn of the 20th century, President Theodore Roosevelt decided to start an effort to beautify American coinage. He hired Augustus Saint-Gaudens to overhaul American designs. Saint-Gaudens only lived to finish the Liberty Walking $20 Double Eagle and the Indian Head $10 Eagle. These two designs are considered by many to be the best designs of their denominations and some of the best of any American coin ever. The "Saint" Double Eagle design was voted the best American gold coin design and is currently used on American Eagle gold bullion coinage.

The original coinage of 1907 had an ultra high relief as the artist intended. However, when the Mint struck some coins, they required repeated striking by the presses, and had more the appearance of medals than coins. One alternative explored by the mint was reducing the diameter of the coin to that of a checker and making it thicker in an attempt to keep the ultra high relief. Some trials were struck, but most were destroyed (except two which were retained in the Mint collection) when it was discovered that consent of Congress was required to change the diameter of any coin. St. Gaudens redesigned the coin for a lower relief, but when some of these "high relief" coins were struck, they would not stack well, and the design was flattened again by St. Gaudens for circulating coins. Some of the high relief coins, though, found their way into circulation. The coins were minted continuously until 1933, except for 1917-19, when no coins were struck, due to the disruption of the First World War.

Godless Eagle-a.k.a. "Atheist Saint"
In 1907 and 1908, a number of eagle and double eagle coins were minted without the motto of "In God We Trust". At that time, the coinage laws did not require the motto, and so Saint-Gaudens had not been asked to include it. Roosevelt defended the omission as a prevention of a profane use of God's name, but in 1908, Congress passed an act requiring the use of the motto on all denominations of coins on which the motto had previously appeared--including the eagle and double eagle. The reverse of the coin was redesigned to include the motto.

It is always best to speak with one of our professional representatives if you have ANY questions regarding these fabulous coins. Most available are the Philadelphia Mint issues of 1908 (without and with Motto and 1922-1928, as well as San Francisco issues 1914-1916. Almost all other issues are scarce to extremely rare, especially in the highest grades!

*Due to market volatility, these values are estimates only and subject to change based on spot and premium fluctuations.*

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